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Mechanical Hand Towel Dispenser
Dispensing Dynamics International
- Innovation....Design....Solutions

Dispensing Dynamics provides state-of-the-art technology to design, develos, manufacture and supports several lines of dispensing solutions for the marketplace. They provide Roll Towel (Mechanical or Electronic), Roll Towel Lever, Center Pull, Multi-Fold, Bath Tissue Dispensers (Standard and Jumbo).

BRANDS: Global Standard, Perrincraft®, Heritage, iNNOVA™, Advertising and Eurolin Plus.

GREEN (CPI) Microfiber System: A 4-D Approach to Cleaning

REDUCE SICK DAYS caused by the common cold, stomach flu, ear imfection, pink eye and sore throat.

The CPI Microfiber Systems are 60% more efficient than traditional system. They can be utilized for labor savings with 4-Dimentional cleaning. The Microfiber System is specifically designed to remove viruses before they become airborne. Increase your revenue dollars with improved attendance using the Microfiber System.

Quality Air Hand Dryers

The Microfiber System...Designed to Work

The Microfiber System is specifically designed to work on: floors, chairs, decks, counters, walls, lockers, boards, ceiling fans and vents by preventing dust particles and germs from becoming airborne.



Quality Air Hand Dryers

Creative Products International - The Leader in Microfiber Technology

Creative Products International (CPI) are the leader in microfiber technology. CPI has put together the most comprehensive line of high performance cleaning fibers systems available today. Their impressive leadership and world-wide relationships are is available to customers through unsurpassed global manufacturing.


Quality Air Hand Dryers

Easy to Use

Lightweight and ergonomic design causes less stress than traditional mops and buckets.


Professional Products and Supplies

NV Maintenance provides professional and supplies for all your cleaning and maintenance needs - give us a call or send us an E-mail today, our friendly maintenance professional will contact you with answers to your inquiry.